Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome Friends | Check this out

Hey guys. Jake here. I had the idea to put this site together as I've been loving reading through a couple blogs online. I started searching and i found a lot of us old schoolers have our own personal and family blogs and i love it. I almost feel like I'm back in Laie chillin on Moana street catching up on whats happening. This got me thinking about the other people we all use to hang with that don't have blogs and almost seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. I keep in contact with a bunch of us old timers and i thought it would be cool to start blogging about whats new in everyones lives. Before you say "oh crap Jakes going to be bugging us to much" i want you to hear me out.

I have a list of 29 names from back in the day. As we all know there are groups that we hung out with that kind of overlapped each other like Adam and Aaron, and then Mike and Pete, Heather and Katie, Hala and Louis...different groups but all friends,get my flow? People we do and don't hear from anymore, I'd like to do updated posts on whats happening in all our lives.

Example: I'll hit up Gusto and get some updates from him and some pictures (pictures will make this so much funner) then I'll post the 411 about whats been going on with his family. So no work on your part just don't avoid me when I'm trying to talk to y'all hahaha.

I don't by any means have a ton of time to do multiple posts a week so this might be a every to every other week kind of thing. So i might actually be bugging you once a year for a post. Remember too that i was not in A.P classes at Kahuku nor was i in the G.T(Gifted and Talented) class at Laie schools so don't expect good kine grammar or awesome spelling from this X-FOB haha. BUT you can expect good times relived and updates from people you've been wondering about.

(FYI | I wont post your email address on this site unless you want me to. Im not afraid of spam i think its rather tasty so if you want anyones email addresses hit me up and i'll connect you. Just call me 'the operator' haha)


The Holm Fam said...

Great idea Jake! It's been years since I've been out to HI, and many more to come before I make it back. So... this is so great to read how everyone's doing. If you want you can link to my personal blog: and it has a link to my own family's site. I don't care which you link to.

Erin said...

This is so great Jake! I can get to know the people who "made Link who he is" (yall did a good job by the way!) And I love the humor:)