Saturday, July 19, 2008


"Oh my darlyn Clementine" haha. Sorry for bursting right away into song. Clementine is the name of Mikes new band. Last Friday a couple of us got to cruse downtown to watch the debut performance and it was AMAZING! No offense to the past but that was the best i've seen Mike. He even got me and Pete to jump on stage at different times too. It was great to see Pete act like it he couldn't jam anymore then jump up and KILL IT! and yes my friends, i have pictures to prove it.

Neekole was there too! The night was a fun little 808 reunion mixed with some of the best hot chocolate in Utah, stellar tunes, and a ending desire to hang out MORE! :).

Disclamer: Excelpt for this top photo from Neekole "Thanks" the rest are from my phone so the quality is worthless but the moments are...priceless LOL. I have a quality camera but its a pain to carry everywhere. I need to get me a pocket kine so i can make for da bettah picktahs :). Enjoy.


Nia said...

good music. good times. good friends. love it!

Anonymous said...
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Atwood Ohana said...

What was that all about??? Samoan princess??? What?!?!?! Anyways...CLEMENTINE sounds great! I wish I was there! I get super jealous of anytime the group gets together. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite me!!!!!! Do i sound pathetic? I'm begging for you guys...happy now? haha. love ya! --HEAD--