Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cereal Night!!! 2009

Hey guys. You might remember when we got together at the Hopkinsons house on Sundays and hung out and had Cereal. We'll its been 10 years since we use to do this often so we thought we'd bring it back for a little fun. This will not be in Laie :( but will be here in Utah at Andria's house :). Instead of posting her address here i'll post Betsy's email address. and get the address from her.

Real stoked to meet up with the gang and if your in town we'd love to see you all.

Andrea's House
Sunday, July 5

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Sandy said...

Betsy I need to email you info about Riley Moffat but can't seem to get into your hotmail account. Please email me at the following email address. Thanks Sandra