Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Traveling Man | Daniel Evans

Okay so Daniels vocabulary is miles above mine (I actually think he reads the dictionary or a thesaurusorusrex) so I might be doing a bit more copy and pasting in this post haha. L&L Lincoln and Lynn got me thinking and I also decided to add a tool just for Daniels post to help those of us with Kahuku kine vocabs to understand a bit more with what’s going on LOL. Double click on any word from now on in this blog to see what different words might mean. I’m pretty sure this tool wont know what malasada is or maybe lupulu but you never know. Click and find out :).

Daniel is a busy moving, single ;) (Ladies!! Match maker Jake strikes again haha!), hard working, traveling man BUT! before we catch up with him here’s a little biggity ba-ba-background (add that to your vocabulary haha)

Daniel lived in Laie from 1993 to 1999 the year he also graduated from Kahuku. He visited regularly and stayed on and off until his folks moved to Utah in 2002. His family lived in the old Shumway house.

I asked Daniel where he disappeared to after high school and heres what he said:
“I went to BYU for my first year and then came back to Hawaii to work and save some money before my mission. After two years in the Tokyo North mission I went back to BYU and eventually graduated with a double major in psychology and political science. Freaked out by the idea of immediately committing myself to more school, I took a job with a strategy consulting firm called Bain & Company (of Mitt Romney fame). After two years with them, I decided law school was for me and put in my applications (currently waiting with crossed fingers). In the interim, I wanted a distinctly different, more social good oriented experience, so I took a short term contract with an HIV-oriented NGO in Southern Africa to handle their procurement and supply chain logistics.”

I asked Daniel “Why Africa” and his answer is “1. To help people and 2. To utilize my consulting skills.” Way to go man! Daniel should be heading back to law school this fall which will take up the next few years of his life. He is also still trying to figure out what kind of law he wants to practice.

Always on the go Daniel has also been to a ton of other countries including (in no particular order) Canada, Mexico, Japan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, England, Scotland, China, South Africa, Lesotho, France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. A lot of that was work related, but there were some good trips in the mix.

What do you miss the most about the old days?
“The beach, the mountains, ya’ll, the simplicity of life, L&L’s lemon chicken (which the Utah location refuses to make), Loco Moco at the Hukilau Café, surfing at Goat Island, the drive to Kaneohe, crappy Chinese food at the place by Foodland, the list goes on and on”
Photo of Pounders Beach | Jacked from Aarons Eskarans Myspace page

If you went back to Laie for one day, what would you do?
“Dawn patrol at Goats or V-land, breakfast/brunch at Hukilau Café, quick run up to Laie Falls, late lunch at L&Ls, walk from Temple to Goat Island and back (with maybe a dip at Hukilau along the way), and then a late afternoon and evening devoted to catching up on old times with whoever is still in town.”

Tell me something you’ve learnt in the last 10 years?
“If you are not happy with yourself as you are now, it is unlikely that changing where you live, who you date, or how much money you make will significantly change that fact.”
- All time favorite band: After Cubworld (of course), I still find myself putting in Weezer’s Blue Album whenever I really need a break. Them and early Radiohead.
- Favorite local food: Kalua pork, no question
- Favorite beach: Where ever the fish are. Depends on what you’re feeling. Bodysurfing – Pounders (with a good swell). Surfing – depends on the swell, but around Laie, Goats, Chevrons, and Boilers all have their moments

- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary): I’m probably going to vote Republican (surprise, surprise). I’m all for a change, but both of the Dems are practically isolationary socialists. “Take a time out from trade,” seriously?

- Famous last words: “No comment.”

Daniel sometimes can be found posting on his Africa blog at

Also If you want to get a hold of Daniel by email or phone hit me up and I’ll connect you:


Jake said...

hahaha. I totally got with Luplu. Awesome that it got Malasada though. And they totally punked me with my thesaurusorusrex hahah. Common EVERY ONE knows that thats just a really really old thesaurus :). hehe.

John and Lindsey said...

Hey Daniel- Everytime you hear about consulting, it's begs the question- What do you really do? JK- But I am enjoying reading about your life on your blog and catching up on a number of years.

Daniel said...

In my defense, that picture is about ten years old and, while I haven't exactly grown into my neck, it no longer has the exact same proportions as that of a giraffe.

Jake said...

In my defense i had to google Daniel Evans too get that picture hahahaha. Anyways, i think giraffes are cute ;p haha.