Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lynn (Oba) Holm | The Holms Family

I remember when Lynn moved into Laie 2nd ward back in 1996. The First Noticeable thing was the awesome hair and an easy going attitude. I even got to be her dance partners a time or two in Vocal Motion. Good times. Lynn lived in Laie from 1996 to 2001 where she spend all four years of high school at Kahuku. Two weeks after graduating from Kahuku class of 2001 Lynn high tailed it out of Laie to BYU Provo. She came back to Laie for the next two summers to hang with the family until the Oba’s moved to Wisconsin (where they still are today FYI). Lynn graduated with a degree in English from BYU in 2005.

Two years into College Lynn found a stud muffin a.k.a Janson Holm and they got married in December 0f 2003. Janson is from the Boise, Idaho area. Lynn says “He's lucky things worked out because I had always said I wouldn't marry a guy from Idaho. He had sworn he'd never go to a church school, so I'm glad he changed his mind and came to BYU.” Lynn took her “perfect guy” and they where married in the Boise temple. Lynn and Janson have 2 beautiful little girls Grace, 2 years old, and Mari, 2 months old.
Mari | 2 Months

Grace | 2 Years Old

After Lynn and Janson graduated TOGETHER in 2005 they moved out to the Chicago area. Janson’s going to podiatry school to become a foot doctor. I asked Lynn what she was up to and she says “What's happening for me on a daily basis is stuff like changing a dozen diapers a day, working with my Young Women for my calling, taking pictures and videos of my kids, exploring Chicagoland, hanging out with the kids…” The Holm’s hopes to have more kids, change more diapers, and next year Janson will be graduating and starting a 3 year residency somewhere in the country. They are not sure where they will end up permanently just yet.

The Holm family has traveled a bit as well hitting these places in the good old U.S of A: Northern Colorado, Idaho, Wisconsin, Utah, Las Vegas, Buffalo/Palmyra New York area, Niagara Falls, Kirtland, Nauvoo.


What do you miss the most about the old days?
Having free time, the beach, being able to hang out with friends

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii?
Temple beach
If you went back to Laie for one day what would you do?
Sleep in, or at least lay in bed and listen to the ocean and the wind blowing through the palm trees. Pick up breakfast in the McDonald's drive-thru because the kiddies would love it just like their momma did when she skipped seminary. Eat it at temple beach, walk from temple to Hukilau, letting the kids play and swim wherever. Drive through the small and big circle at BYUH, then drive by the temple and the high school. Grab a musubi to save for a mid-afternoon snack from the store across the street from the high school (if it's still there). Eat lunch at the shrimp shack in between the high school and turtle bay. Then head back to Laie to the PCC, showing the kids and husband the fun stuff. Grab chicken katsu at L&L and then try and pass my kids off on Lindsey or someone to go to the night show with my hubby. :)

Tell us something you've learnt in the last 10 years. "It's easy to lose yourself in your kids."

- all time favorite band: right now, Michael Buble
Favorite beach: Temple Beach
- favorite local food: Musubi- favorite beach: Temple
- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary) I don't keep up with it
- famous last words: "I gotta dance."

Lynn can be found on Facebook and also keeps up two Blogs

Also If you want to get a hold of Lynn by email hit me up and I’ll connect you: or go to her blogs and post a comment there. Comments go straight to her email.

Side note | Check out all the links. There pretty fun and will take you on a journey back in time. Some might even make your mouth water. JOHN! Please send Musubis in the mail!:)


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haha, it's amazing what you learn about your own sister...

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Glad you guys like it. Stayed right on your reply to the T :) Found some other photos as well online. Thank you :)