Monday, April 14, 2008

Derek Smith | NEW BABY!!

Hey friends. Some of you might remember Derek Smith. He was in Laie from his 6th-9th grade years with us. I wont do a full update on him but i wanted to let you all know about his new bundle of joy. Introducing KOVEN DEREK SMITH.

I dropped in on the Proud daddy and Derek and wife Hailee are very excited about the new addition. Koven is 5 days old in these pictures.

More to come on Derek in future updates. They don't go online much at all but if you'd like to get a hold of him email me and i'll get you his phone number

Also coming up soon on the 808update are updates from

Thanks guys for answering my Q&As and sending me pics. I really enjoy doing these posts and catching up with you all. More to come :)