Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Andrea | The Low Family

ANDRIA!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys. Here’s Andrea and her family. The Low family! Andria Low, formally known as Hopkinson moved to Laie early 1999. Some of you might remember the bitter sweet emotions she had about being in Laie which I totally understand. Who would want to leave their home town mid Senior year? Not me! She came and we’re glad she did. The Hopkinson house was the bomb (who says that anymore? “I do”) on Sunday nights.

Andrea graduated class of 99, tried a year at BYU-Hawaii then moved back to Utah in 2000.

Andrea met her husband Court (Courtland) Low in April of 1995, had their first date April 18th 1998 (happy anniversary guys!) and then married in April 13th 2001. Court’s from South Jordan, UT. He works with Disabled teens that’ve been removed from their homes. In the fall he'll be going back to school to finish his Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Criminal Justice! Right now Andrea is being a full time mom and working full time for a health insurance company. She says “I work from home, so yes I do both full time!” Doesn’t get any better then that. The Lows have been living in Murray Utah for 4 years and plan on being there for a while so if your in the neighborhood make sure and stop by.

Meet the Low girls. 2 cute girls, Skyler - 6 years old and Ellyit - 1 month old.


What do you miss the most about the old days? “Late night runs to 7 Eleven with Heather - Melona bars, I'd never had one till we moved there and I LOVE them!!!! And Cereal nights - we should totally start those up again, the first one can be at my house!!!!!”

Contact info to get a hold of Andrea feel free to hit her up at or by phone: 801-558-5105

For those of you in the SLC area Andria and the family will be having their baby blessing on May 4th. If you’d like to attend email Andrea for directions and time. Later that night we are thinking of having a Lupulu, panipopo, im drooling, get together hahaha. We’ll have a meeting for da kine grinds at my house. I’ll post my address later but if you can block out this date and come hang out we would love to have you.

The Kongaika’s and the Low’s have caught the drive in movies on redwood last year and as soon as this Utah weather figures out what its doing we plan on heading out again. Good time for the kids and another chance for us all to hang out and chill. Lets us know if your interested and we’ll keep you in the loop next time we head down. As always :)

FYI: Check out new BLOG LINKS (Other Bloggers) for Andrea and Lauren. Say "HI" :)

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