Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kickin it with Mike and Ben

Some of you might remember this photo. Mike, Ben, Pete, and Ryan jamming on the back of a truck as they road around in a laie parade playing jams for the masses. This is not an official update on Mike and Ben but more memories revisited after handing out with them on Tuesday night.

Mike and Ben came with me to an open mic night in Draper. Mike and I were kind of out of our element because there was 360 degrees of love in the air with stud, duds, and Utah chicks at every turn. Ben on the other hand i think was all about this place hahaha. I think he even got a number or two! Ladies and gentlemen how does he do it!? haha. Long story short: I played, we cracked jokes,and it was fun :) (short enough for ya?)

The real reliving the past began at our private after party at the stomach turning Rancheritos! hahaha. Nothing like talking story over a Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast burrito at 1 in the morning! What made it even crazier was Mike had to be up for work at 3 and I had to be up for work at 4. Mike ended up not sleeping at all that night. Sorry about that dude :). I got a little nap before heading to work but in the end its all worth it for some music and good company.

Anyways. So we talked about the old days and the days to come but what i want to showcase in this post is the EVOLUTION OF GROMIT. I wish i had more classic pictures to balance out a ratio of old and new pictures but its all good. I think you'll enjoy the shots. FYI I took some of these from Aaron's flickr acount.

I'm not sure when the shot at the top of this post was taken but THIS picture was taken sometime around November of 2006. I'm guessing the guys are 7th or 8th grade in the top picture. Any guess? Betsy? You probably remember what kind of shorts your were wearing in that picture :).

When they first started rockin they called themselves Gromit. Not sure when they changed their name but in the more recent photos they are changed their names to STARSCREAM.

2008 and Ben and Mike are no longer on the rock anymore. They are both here in Utah for the time being. (side note) Peter is here in Utah to but that guy is ALWAYS M.I.A. and i think he is actually trying to hide from us most the time haha. Mike just started a new band here as well using to bring in some band mates. He is pretty stoked to be playing again. I play with Mike from time to time and have had the pleasure of being able to take him with me last August to Amsterdam to play a show. It was an EPIC trip and i was stoked to be able to take Pete and Mike with me. Nothing like sharing the stage with musicians you not only respect but like. Here are some pictures of the boys rocking it for CUBWORLD.

I still have a copy of their first CD they put out but if you want to hear some of their latest recording (from last year drop into

Good times guys! Music, morning burritos, and memories another time. :)


The Holm Fam said...

My guess for the top parade pic is their sophomore year (junior for Pete, right?).

Brooke said...

Um, hello Jake, do you not remember I live in Draper? Why was I not invited to the open mic? I'll forgive you, if we can get together for lupulu grinds soon. :)

Jake said...

oooooooh man. Come over on Sunday with Lupulu and Kumala oh and dont forget some Panipopo :) Dangit brooke you made me hunger at work! haha.

aaron eskaran said...

nice shots at Detox :-)

Good to know you guys are doing good!


betsy said...

Yea! Grommit! My guess for that picture up top is with Lynn's - about 10th grade.

The Winsteads said...

Ho cuz. Guarans it's 10th grade for me. What's this about MIA???? I'm right here in Downtown SLC. Let's get together sometime because Ben's leaving soon and that would suck if we didn't hang out before he left.

Shoots brah.