Saturday, March 29, 2008

Betsy | The Kositwongsakul Family

FYI in 1991 when I moved to Laie my first friend was Betsy Moffat. Our parents knew each other in Tonga and she was the first person I met when I came to Hawaii that became my friend. From limbo parties at Betsy’s house to now so much has changed but I bet you she still remembers what she wore on the day she met you all and also all your birthdays :). Did you know she freakishly remembers stuff like that? Haha. Just one of the many reasons Betsy is the coolest chica in the 808 ;)

Betsy has lived in Laie since 1986. She is one of the chosen and is still living in the town of 293 :) “Lucky!” (in a Napoleon Dynamite voice). She did live in Salt Lake for a year from 2005 to 2006.

The Kositwongsakul family has done some traveling to place like Utah, Las Vegas, California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho, Arizona, Missouri, Kauai, Big Island, Thailand!
Betsy married Kris Kositwongsakul from Cerritos, California in June of 2004 in the Los Angeles Temple. They now have the cutest little girl Niki Nohea, who is 1 years old. Betsy is being a full-time mommy while Kris is finishing up his teaching certificate coming up in May and then they will see where they go from there.

I asked Betsy what their future plans are and she said “We hope to stay in Hawaii, hopefully a job opportunity is coming its way for Kris. I hope to stay in Hawaii for as long as I can. I want my kids raised here. And after living away from it I'm scared to leave it again.” Props to you guys for hanging in there. Okay guys lets all make bank and move back to Laie at least by the time our kids are in 7th grade :). I’d love that!

So what do you miss the most about the old days? “Freedom! Just being able to do whatever I wanted. And being with my friends. I miss having that entourage feeling. And dancing! I miss high school and college dances. Lame, I know.”

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii? “I love being at the beach, day or night.”

What do you miss the most when you leave the island? “What I miss when I leave Laie is the lifestyle. While gone I miss the small town feel. But an ideal day for me now would be taking my daughter to the beach and having a BBQ with my family.”
Tell me something you've learned in the last 10 years? “That I have to grow up! I'm not happy about turning 26. I've had some awesome friendships along the way though. I've learned that nothing is a big deal. Life is great, enjoy it as it comes. I've learned that the Lord loves all of his children. I've learned how wonderful it is to be a mother.”

- all time favorite band: *Nsync :) nah, probably the Beatles
- favorite local food: Kalua pig
- favorite beach: Waimea- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary): I think I'll vote for Obama
- famous last words : “Oh well”

You can get a hold of Betsy a couple places online. facebook or myspace and their family blog at

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betsy said...

Thanks for pointing out the fact that I remember what I was wearing on special or not-so-special occasions! And thanks for that Mr. Bean dance....

The Atwood Ohana said...

Betsy!!! We all love you...there's no question about that. And you are such a cute mom and wife now! I'm so happy when i remember your laugh and easy-going personality. Love ya!--Head--

Jake said...

hahaha. The mister Bean dance thing was just to spice things up a bit. Check all the links on the blog and you'll find hidden random crap like that hahaha. Love you betsy :) Whens my birthday?

betsy said...

sept 13

Jake said...

haha. I knew you knew it :) "told you guys"