Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nicole Francisco

NICOLE FRANCISCOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Born and Raised in Hawaii. Living in the 808 from 1982-2000. She left for 2 years after graduating from Kahuku class of 2000 to BYU Provo then came back and attended BYU-H from 2002-2004. Didn’t finish there though “Drop out style” she says. I think maybe because she got to distracted making awesome cups and pots with me and Reggie in ceramics class (remember that?LOL), hunting down the nearest Radiohead concert, and planning her next tattoo design and location haha. That latest Radiohead one looks awesome by the way!
Radiohead Tatoos

WAIT! But don’t count her out just yet with school because she is now living in Salt Lake City going to U of U and is majoring in Political Science.
Nichole says she is “Single as a pringle” and is having tons of fun hanging out with her BFF’s.
Me and my BFF! Drew!

footfoot is my awesome cat!

Ralph is my awesome guinea pig!

What are your future plans?
“Move somewhere that doesn't have snow!” You and me both sistah! :)

Where have you been in the world in the last 10 years?
“Utah, California, Arizona…all over the west really. and NYC, DC, and Philly.”

So what’s happening now?
“I'm just working at the U, neurology clinic. No, I'm not going into medicine, it's just a job that cuts my tuition in half. I also volunteer for a couple different animal organizations in Utah. I love it. I volunteer for no more homeless pets, Community Animal Welfare Society, and the Ching farm Animal Sanctuary."

Where else can we find you online?
“I'm on myspace, facebook, twitter, livejournal. I love the internet. I'm all up in it.”

What do you miss the most about the old days?
Cereal nights. Cutting school to go to the beach.”

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii?

If you went back to Laie for one day what would you do?
“See my nieces and nephews (Tanya has 5 kids now!)”

Tell me something you've learnt in the last 10 years?
“Oh this is going to get cheesy, but whatever. Every experience is worth having. The good, the bad, they all shape you.”

- All time favorite band
RADIOHEAD (I'm seeing them 7 more times this summer!)

- Favorite local food
well, I've been vegan for the past 4 years, so there isn't much local food I can actually eat anymore. I miss my mom's chow fun helluv bad.

- Favorite beach
- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary)

- Famous last words
“I'm not famous enough to have last words.”

GWEN AND NICOLE | Winter 2007

If you'd like to email Nicole hit me up at and i'll connect you.


betsy said...

me luvva the francisco

The Atwood Ohana said...

Nicole if you're reading are so beautiful! Wow it's been so long since I seen you but you seem to be doing good and Its cool you are in Utah. Maybe one of these days we will run into each other. --Heather--