Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Probably not word you want to hear from someone online but hey, you know me haha. So here's the deal friends, i know not all of us are in Utah but a good number of us are. With the good weather we've been having FINALLY!!(in the 70s and 80s) i think it's time we hang out. Mandy and I hung out at Andrea's on Sunday and we thought it'd be fun to have everyone come out and join us for some food and a drive in? that's right i said DRIVE IN :). Old school and oh so fun. Dont give us the "i have kids" excuse haha because we pile our 3 little ones (all under 5 yrs) in our little car and go out and have a fun time. Andrea got us going and it's perfect for this time of year, your kids will be able to run around this type of theater, and we can catch up.

So here's how its going to go down and we'd love to see all of you who can make it. I mean, we'd like to see those that cant too but "you know what i mean" :)

I'll email this out as well in the 808update mailing list (if your not on that list want to be email me

We'll be meeting up at Andrea's house this weekend MAY 10th @ 4:30

Bring a dish, whatevers, chips, dessert, Tongan dish ;)...anything you like. No pressure.

We'll eat and hang out till about 8-ish then make out way to the Drive in. Drive in usually starts around 8:30. Here's how to get to the drive in if you want to just meet up there. Link

I wont post Andera's address here so if you don't get it in an email from me email me at if you need to call get my number off my facebook page.

Totally looking forward to hanging and hope you guys can make it out.

Chillin at Links house. I'm thinking this is from 2006.


betsy said...

so you guys are having a birthday celebration for me all the way in utah? sweet. nah, have fun this weekend.

Jake said...

I totally was thinking about that when i saw your birthday reminder on myspace today. We'll have to call and sing you happy birthday :)

betsy said...


mandy said...

Jake this blog is awesome!!! you ae so cool for taking the time to deck it out with all your amazing art:) Wahoooo!!! Cant wait for Sat!! I LOVE our friends annnnnd THE!!!!! DRIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!