Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aaron Eskaran

Aloha friends. Re-introducing the multi-talented Aaron Eskaran!! At times life may distract this guy but when he gets into something he really attacks things to the fullest. Take for example the flying Hawaiian picture above. First time in the winter snow and already he is shredding like a pro :). Aaron is a very inspiring, creative force to be around, you’ll SEE what I mean once your done reading this post.

Aaron is a true local boy. Born and raised in Hawaii in December of 81. I remember the first time the boys left the rock was when they went to the Rose Bowl with the Kahuku Marching Band. I think that was maybe junior year. After that Aaron never left the islands until it was time for him to serve a mission in Japan in April 2001.
Kahuku Grad class of '99 Aaron got into the arts and music while in high school. Playing trumpet from 7th grade on Aaron also joined local band RUKUS, now known as UPSTANDING YOUTH! Aaron plays and sing backup vocals for UY. They have played tons of shows, opened for big international bands, and even toured the west cost.

After the mish Aaron returned to BYU-Hawaii and got right into the arts. If any of you have seen his paintings or his photography you know what I’m talking about. Breathtaking. See for yourself.

Aaron graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 then last year moved on to get his masters from BYU-Provo where he is working on that currently. Aaron is an aspiring photographer and does wedding, photo shoots, the works…so if you in the area and need some family pictures or head shots give this guy a call. He says “I hope to be a free lance artist that can do it all.”

Aaron is dating Johanna Franco from Maryland. He says “Awesome beautiful girl who I met on a hike on the stairway to heaven just before I left to Grad School.” They have both been hanging out in Provo for the last year and now are on the road to Johanna’s home in Maryland for a little bit then both back to Hawaii for spring and summer fun.

Travels? “I went on a mission to Nagoya, Japan the same time as Adam. I have also been on tour with Uptstanding Youth during the summer of 2007 to Hollywood CA, Las Vegas Nevada, Albuquerque New Mexico, Provo Utah, and back to Cali to play a show in Santa Monica. Other than that Kahuku,Hawaii. And a bunch of times to Maui and the Big Island.”

What’s up with the band? “Upstanding Youth is going strong and we are hoping to tour the East Coast at the end of this upcoming summer. We are working on a new album and the recording for that has already begun. We are aiming for that to be done before we go on tour so we have a new product to sell.” Keep an eye on

What are your future plans? “Get married and catch up with the rest of you”

What do you miss the most about the old days?
“Not having to worry about anything other than where the best waves were going to be the next day… and running around in the mountains with Lona. Just chillin’ with the boys when we all had no girls! Haha Playing football on Moana St.” Good times.

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii?
“On the point at Pounders. I have gotten some of my best photos from that angle. I sit up there for hours just watching and thinking about life.”

If you went back to Laie for one day what would you do? “Spend time with my family who is there and see my niece (Adam’s daughter Ava).”

Tell me something you've learnt in the last 10 years:
“Life throws you curve balls at you all day and sometimes you miss even though you know its coming.”

Favorite Websites? awesome Internet music site - that’s “HA-WHY-N Poloboy” not “HIN”
Also feel free to hit Aaron up

- all time favorite band: Upstanding Youth
- favorite local food: RICE!
- favorite beach: Pounders
- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary): Obama
- famous last words: “No make tantaran”

If your going to be in Hawaii or need a reason to be there you'll want to come to a show next month. May 23rd. The reason i'm posting this info here is because not only will i be playing but Upstanding Youth will be playing as well. Should be fun so come hang out and use your tax return to buy a ticket home :).


Brooke said...

How about you guys change that concert date to June 23rd. :) That's when I'll be there!!

So I've seen plenty of your photos Aaron and knew they were amazing, but this one of the Hawaii temple is the best I've ever seen. Name your price... I want a copy!!

aaron eskaran said...

Hit me up on the email brooke...

Thanks Jake for the solid post. Much love man and can't wait to do the show!

cheee hooo!