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Michelle | The Woods Family

Michelle Woods (Kehoe) is a bundle of talent and spunk! Always has been and I doubt she will ever stop. Me being the short guy in Vocal Motion usually put my dancing with the shortest girl which would be Michelle. Before that was her equally sized sister Mandy. Those dancing days are long gone and I wish I still had the moves hahaha.

So let’s catch up shall we. :)

Michelle lived in Hawaii from 1992 to 2001 coming back to the North Shore on and off though probably forever. Her family moved to Laie point (remember that house? I do. That house had a firkin elevator! haha) from Northern California. Graduating with the 2000 crew from Kahuku Michelle soon after spent Spring of 2001 at BYU-Provo and went on to get her BFA there as well in Photography and a minored in Advertising. She started on her Masters degree but the power of love took over and she got married and moved to California instead. She still plans to finish up some time in the next 5 years though.

Michelle married Frank Reginald Woods II (aka Reggie) from West Jordan, Utah. Michelle says “leave it to me to find the one Mormon black guy in Utah ;))” LOL. That’s so racist haha. Just playing ;P. They were married in the Laie Hawaii Temple on May 19th 2007 and now live in live in Southern California. Irvine but plan on getting a place in Aliso Viejo “with the most amazing view.” No kiddies just yet but are having fun being kids themselves. Get a room! Haha.

Travel List | Where have you been that last 10 years?
“Lets see I've been to Canada a few times, Mexico and Europe. California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska (The picture or Reggie on the boat is from Alaska), Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, DC and well a number of other states. So I like to travel what can I say.”

So what’s going on now? “We're just working and playing. Reggie is a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch and I teach high school photography but my favorite thing is doing my freelance work. We're buying a house as we speak so if all goes well we'll have a luau and pool party at our new place in Southern California before you know it.” Count me in for the pool party!

Future plans? “Reggie loves his job and he's amazing at it and well I can do photography anywhere so it looks like we'll be in Southern California for a while. If things change we'll head up to the bay area (San Francisco) but besides that I'm stay as close to the ocean as possible. My parents are still in Sunset so it's a quick 5 hour flight to the North Shore any time I get home sick but besides that California will have to do.”

Michelle’s photography is EPIC! We have a bunch of awesome photographers from our group as a mater of fact. Mrs. B must have done some good for you guys hey? She inspired me that’s for sure.
Anyways, Meesh should have a photography website up and running in the next few months. “I'm just super picky about everything so it's been hard getting everything exactly how I want it. Plus I'm super busy with everything else but someday it will be” FYI for now that website is home to a blue sun it looks like haha. Pretty awesome but not as awesome as your photos so get on it!!

What do you miss the most about the old days?
“Clean beaches! California is warm, beautiful and convenient but the beaches are a far cry from those of the North Shore.”

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii?
“My parent’s deck. It over looks more than half the beaches on the North Shore. What's not peaceful and amazing about that.”

If you went back to Laie for one day what would you do? “I'd drive up to Sunset to be with my parents. :) My family left Laie when I got to Kahuku High so I was one of the few members of the group that actually commuted to Laie when I needed to be there.” Well fine den! Hahaha. Frik! Laie wouldn’t want to hang out with you N-E-WAYS! hahahahaha. HAAIIIITERRR! (Read that in a Laie chevron drag queen voice)

Tell me something you've learnt in the last 10 years? I've learned to work hard and play even harder. I'm sure that will change once we have kids but in the mean time . . .

- all time favorite band: The Beach Boys
- favorite local food: Kalu Pork
- favorite beach: Waimea Bay
- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary): I'm keeping my fingers crossed for John McCain and Romney for vice ;) . . . I'm a republican what can I say.
- famous last words: . . . I'll let you know my famous last words when I'm 85 ;)

The Woods couple has a blog. so feel free to drop them lines there or hit me up at and I’ll connect you.

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