Friday, May 2, 2008

Auguste | The Toluta'u Family

Gusto! A.k.a Kalisi , a.k.a. Samuela, a.k.a Tongan stud muffin hahaha. Re-meet Auguste Toluta'u.FYI, I grew up with Gusto in Tonga way back in the days. Back and dem true hanabadah days. Gusto’s been busy and up to some great things so let’s catch up with him.

Auguste lived in Hawaii from 1991 to 2005. Kahuku class of 1999 , BYUH class of 2005, and also getting his masters at BYU in 2007. Gusto got his degrees in Information Systems.

Now married with two children Auguste’s wife’s name is Elsie Moleni from New Zealand. She is a very talented singer/song writer and some of you may have heard of here brothers The Moleni Borthers. Their album kept me company on my mission and my favorite track on the album was actually written by Elsie. Sorry, side tracked for a sec. The Toluta’u kids Emmie Wetekia Toluta’u (2 years old) and Auste Sixto Toluta’u (0 years old haha). Beautiful kids and I am putting money down now that little Gusto will be in the NFL :).

Baby Gusto


The Toluta’u’s are now living in Murray Utah while Auguste is working as a technical consultant and programmer at the University of Utah. Elsie is a great stay at home mom and works at gold gym part time.

This is why I love Gusty. I asked him what his future plans are and he said this: “Travel the country for work. Have seven kids. Retire early and serve lots of missions. :-)” Only this guy can have his whole life plan in 15 words. Love it! Always keeping it real. I think I want to copy his plans now too. All of it except for the 7 kids haha.

Where have you traveled? “Mostly Utah and Hawaii. Went on a summer trip to Tonga, New Zealand, Australia.”

What do you miss the most about the old days?
“I miss playing in band, playing tennis, and dancing at PCC.”

Where was your peaceful place in Hawaii?
“The Temple.”

If you went back to Laie for one day what would you do? “Spear some fish.”

Favorite Websites? Where else can we find you online? “I don't exist online. :-)” Actually, I did a search for Auguste Toluta’u and found these places with stuff about him hahahaha

Well that’s all I could find really so I guess he pretty much is non existent. Crazy cause Gusty taught me everything i know about computers :). If any of you want to touch base with Gusto feel free to hit me up at and i'll connect ya.

Tell me something you've learnt in the last 10 years? (man we are getting old haha)
“Obedience to gospel truths brings the greatest happiness.”

- all time favorite band/artist: Cubworld of course :)

- Favorite local food: Papa Ole's

- Favorite beach: Sand bar in Kaneohe Bay

- Obama or Your mama (a.k.a Hillary): Obama

- Famous last words: K-den ... doodoo boys!!!!! Hahaha.

All photos in this post taken by Natalie Norton


Erin said...

It is so fun to see pictures of your family! We miss seeing you! Wish we could get together for some tennis. Jake does a great job with this blog:)

Jake said...

Thanks Erin. I am totally down for some tennis. Gusto and i were just talking about playing soon. Get some tickets and come have a sleep over at the Kongaikas like old time :)